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Chris always gets a smile

Yesterday I (Lisa) was at the John Randle Primary School in Telford to visit their Year 1 and Year 2 classes. I took Spock (Spectacled Owl), Baggins (Barn Owl), Beanie (Little Owl), Chris (White faced owl), Mojo (Bengal Eagle Owl) and Sydney (Boobook Owl) along to help with my interactive talk about Owls, their food and hunting behaviours and techniques.

Looking at owl pellets









The children were able to fly and handle the birds as well as ask those all important questions, yet more ones about owl pooh! We had a look at some owl pellets, learnt about how and why owls fly silently and felt how soft an owls feathers really are courtesy of some owl wings.

Little Beanie told all the children off which delighted them with a very loud ‘puh, puh’ and by sitting upright on their glove.

This is our second visit to the school and we hope there are many more to come

We believe that learning should be fun and hands on. All our school visits are tailored to meet the needs of the children and the curriculum.  Cross curricular activities can be planned as our birds can be used in Storytimes as well as PSHE. If you’d like a visit from us to your school please call 07719 909967 for details or email

Here’s what one of the class teachers had to say about our visit…

‘We have had Shropshire Falconry visit our school twice this year and they are wonderful! Really engaging for the children, lots of wonderful birds, very knowledgable, a great afternoon. Would highly recommend!’


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