We offer a range of Bird of Prey Experiences, in and around Shropshire, and The Telford & Wrekin District extending into the Welsh Borders

Hawk Walks

This is one of our most interactive experiences

Our Hawk Walks take place at a few venues in Shropshire. Hawkstone Follies or Soulton Hall are the most popular The walk lasts approx 60 mins and is about 1 mile long over footpaths and bridleways. The birds repeatedly come to your fist and will follow you as you go along soaring or flying from tree to tree.

The hawk walk is totally individual to you or your party and you will never be asked to join in a large group. We go along at your pace and can stop at any time you like, our falconers are very experienced and have hunted and flown birds for over 25 years, so any questions you have, feel free to ask. The experience allows us to get you some fantastic photographs of the birds, so remember to bring along a camera.

We also take pictures as we go along and are more than happy to email pictures to you free of charge after the experience. Please do remember to wear appropriate clothing (not too bright) Walking shoes or wellingtons as the ground can be both wet and slippy in the winter sometimes. Warm clothing and your voucher. Wheelchair access to some grounds is not possible but we have a route that is possible so just speak to us prior to booking. We will point out any possible hazards as we go along (uneven ground etc) but please remember this is the countryside and it does change with the conditions.

            Owl Experiences

                                Meet and fly a wide variety of Owls Large and Small for 60 mins.

                                  This is one of our most popular experiences

One of our most popular experiences are our Owl Experiences. We pride ourselves in the wide variety of Owls that we Fly.

Little Owl, Burrowing Owl, Long-eared Owl, Indian Rock Owl, European Eagle Owl, Great horned Owl, Barn Owl, Spectacled Owl, Ural Owl, Great Grey Owl, Barn Owl, Boo book Owls &Tawny Owl.

With more added as we expand the team.

Flying is done both indoors and outdoors depending on the owl or the weather.

You will get the chance to see them up close as they land on your gloved hand