About us

We are a Falconry Experience and Display company based in rural Shropshire.

We are not open to the Public so if you wish to see or experience our beautiful birds, then please book prior to your arrival.

We offer a range of experiences and training for people with an interest or passion for all Birds of Prey.  Steve has been a Falconer for 30 years and has flown a  variety of birds from the smallest to the largest. Lisa has been in education for over 20 years and a falconer for 10.  The Centre is set in seven acres of countryside, we have an indoor flying area, so that you will enjoy your experience whatever the weather and a cafe area for drinks and snacks.

Also available is our training room with large screen TV, and seating for 25 people ideal for parties or meetings.

Summer months you will see us around the county delivering flying and static shows at a whole wide range of venues and events.

We hold the following Licences and Insurance


Animal Activities Licence, Bird Transport license, Public Liabilty Insurance
These are a legal requirement if you are looking to book anyone for an event.

All staff have Raptor Awards qualifications.  Steve & Lisa are both instructors for Raptor Awards, We also have passed DBS checks (Barring and Vetting) they have also completed working with vulnerable adults and children courses.

Shropshire Bird Control


If you have a bird problem, then we have the solution.

Birds are a nuisance in public areas and are known for spreading diseases. Derelict buildings, ledges and roof tops are a few examples of areas providing the perfect roosting ground for birds, including pigeons and gulls.

Not only do bird droppings add to the cleaning costs of commercial and residential buildings, but diseases and mites harbour in these droppings, posing a serious health risk.

How does using Birds of Prey work

The method used will see hawks and falcons fly through bird infested areas to scare them away. Although pigeons, gulls, magpies and other birds are natural prey to hawks and falcons, our birds scare them away rather than kill them.

A prolonged bird of prey flight programme teaches pigeons and other birds that the area is unsafe, encouraging them to move on to another area.

To be as effective areas will require several visits over a prolonged period of time.  Regular flights are a good control measure for most types of birds, in and out of urban areas.

Dairy Farms

These are often plagued by starlings in the winter so we have a programme available to help relocate large flocks of birds, Not only do they eat huge quantities of feed they will also plague the cows and reduce the milk yield.

Owls for EducationWe are experienced with visiting schools in Shropshire, Staffordshire, Midland and Welsh borders with our owls, falcons, hawks, eagles etc.

We have around 70 birds at the centre, so there’s plenty of variety to select for your visit, and you can be assured of an interesting and enjoyable experience for pupils and teachers alike!

Lisa has 20+ years in education to bring to the visit and has been a falconer for over 10 years, so her knowledge on the subject and interaction with the children and staff will be invaluable

These visits are applicable to infant schools, primary schools & secondary schools — key stages 1, 2, 3 & 4

We can discuss ideas with you to determine an agenda to fit in with your curriculum, or we can decide for you based on the pupils’ ages, whichever you prefer.  We have covered subjects such as Owl Babies, Prey Predator, Night Flight, Medieval Falconry and the following topics as well.

  • differences between the various birds
  • anatomy, qualities and characteristics
  • nocturnal and diurnal birds
  • the basics of falconry
  • how we train birds of prey
  • flight patterns
  • food and nourishment
  • conservation

We can visit you for an hour, a half day, a full day, or even longer, and we usually bring 4-6 birds of prey with us. If possible it is better for us to be located in an open area, like the school hall (or outside if the weather is good) as this provides more room for the birds. Typically our itinerary would include:

  • educational talk & presentation of the birds
  • questions and answers
  • handling

We bring learning to life with plenty of interaction from the animals. (It makes the experience memorable & enjoyable if you ask the pupils to think about their questions before we arrive!)

All of the owls for education team hold a DBS (CRB) certificate and we will provide you with a risk assessment and relevant insurance certificates.

Some of the Shropshire Falconry Team