Barn Owl Ring Bearer



Barn Owl Ring Bearer

We have 2 beautiful barn owl ring bearers they are Baggins (pictutred above) and Bobbie.

So how does it work?

For the best result , this service is usually a complete surprise, so that the wedding guests are unaware that the owl is going to make the ring delivery. On your wedding day we will arrive at the venue.

The owl will be allowed to become accustomed to the surrounding environment and we will run through with the Groom or Best man what is needed to do. The owls have flown to thousands of people so they are pretty sure exactly what is needed from them.

During the ceremony the owl will wait patiently out of sight  untill the rings are needed.  At that point the owl will fly silently towards the glove of the Best man Groom or supervising falconer. Once the rings are exchanged the owl will fly back to its handler allowing the ceremony to continue.

After the ceremony we will be available for the guest to hold the owl and have photographs taken for approx 1 hour

The cost for this will be £350 plus milage in certain circumstances