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Static & Flying Displays

Our displays will involve the flying of falcons to the lure, we use a variety of falcons for these displays, a favourite of most is the lanner falcon. These lovely falcons will put in some incredible stoops to the lure and given the right weather conditions will perform near vertical stoops back to the falconers lure. There are also a range of Hawks flown around the arena, including the popular Harris hawk who’s antics will delight audiences.  And the show of course has to involve Owls, from the beautiful Barn Owl through to the impressive Eagle Owls.

18-20 birds on display. Have a look at our gallery this is one of the most professional set ups you will ever see.

Every show will also involve a static display for people to come a see close up these magnificient creatures. All our static shows will be manned by experienced and knowledgable falconers who will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

We will have marquees and secure fencing around the site, Signage, and our own PA systems with headsets for our display falconers.

You are also safe in the knowledge that we are Fully Insured, have a performing animal licence, all birds are registered and fully legal (no wild injured birds on display) Every bird is captive bred and used  for this type of work. Where appropriate Staff and Volunteers  have had criminal record checks through the disclosure and barring service. We have First Aid Trained staff and also staff with teaching qualifications.

This is for a Full Day 6 hours  ( milage will be charged outside of the county)

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