It’s all go…

It’s all go…

Hi Folks. Happy New Year!

Have you ever wondered what happens when we aren’t delivering experiences? Well, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make the place look clean and tidy and the birds happy and healthy. At the moment I’m (Lisa) doing a big Spring-ish clean of our aviaries. I’ve only got one block left to do and then that’s it, all finished. When we clean the aviaries the bird is taken out and then pellets and any other litter on the floor are removed, jet wash all surfaces, spray with an avian disinfectant, clean the water bath and then put the whole thing back together. Depending on the size of the aviary it can take quite a while, and be quite a messy job! It’s important that we get the breeding bird aviaries clean in the next week or so as there are already some species that are getting quite excited about the onset of Spring.

  • It’s a messy job I’ve got at the mo.

Anything that needs fixing is either sorted out there and then, or logged on a job sheet for someone (usually Steve), to do as soon as possible. Cleaning and maintenance are on going jobs and there is always something to do. Today I had a bit of company whilst cleaning one block out. A Robin came to join me. They are such a joy to see around the Centre and add a splash of colour on a dull wintry day. This little guy was with me for quite a while as I scrubbed and raked. I gave him a few meal worms and was rewarded with his sub song as I finished for the day.

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