Be a Falconer for the Day: Falconry Taster Day


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If you are interested and would like to sample being a Falconer for the day, then this experience will be just the thing for you.

Help us feed and look after the birds, we will tell you about the history of falconry and then we can go out and fly Hawks Owls and Falcons, Dinner and tea breaks included. Just the thing for an enthusiastic beginner.

Includes all the duties our Falconers carry out on a daily basis, You will be provided with your equipment, glove, hawking vest etc. and be taught how to handle a bird of prey. How to prepare a bird of prey to fly and then shown the training process of getting a bird to fly free. We will go through the weighing process and general husbandry involved in managing a bird. you will then have the opportunity to fly Owls and Falcons for the rest of the morning. After lunch (which we will provide) we go into the field and you will be in control of a Harris Hawk which you will fly free, in the company of an experienced falconer. After flying the bird free around the countryside for a few hours you will feed the bird on your fist and put her back into the mews.

At the end of the day you will be awarded a certificate as a momento of your experience

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