It’s all about the Hawks…

We’ve been busy at the Centre with our Harris Hawks over the festive period. I (Lisa), have a couple of young males that I’m working with to get them ready to join our team for Hawk Walks with our clients. Steve has been training new girl Jazz, as well as getting Amber our most experienced female, ready to join the boys in the remaining Hunting Experiences for the season. My males, Eivin and Mouse have been doing really well and succeeded in catching a teal over the Christmas break. This means that Eivin is now ‘entered’ which means that he has had his first successful attempt at catching wild quarry. Mouse isn’t far behind him and we are expecting success over the coming days. It’s important that our birds are fit enough to sustain a 90 minute experience so this means time out with them in the field – which also means that we keep fit too! Steve and I have been out most days at our most popular Hawk Walk experience locations, Hawkstone Park Follies and Soulton Hall. Harris Hawks work together in the wild to catch food as family groups or ‘casts’, this means that we can fly our birds in groups too. Current pairings are Milo and Stan, (soon to be joined by Amber) and Mouse and Eivin who will be debuting on experiences in early February. Why not book a Hawk Walk and come and see them in action for yourself? Hawk Walks take place all year round, call us or email to find out more.

Steve & Jazz just before setting off

Sometimes we are used as perches in the absence of trees

Eivin is the youngest member of the team and learning fast

Eivin and Mouse drop in to say hello


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