Event: Jessops Photography Academy


Dates Available

Sat 8 August 2020

Weds 19 August 2020

Weds 16 September 2020

Sunday 26 September 2020

Weds 30 September 2020

This course offers the developing photographer a fantastic opportunity to photograph beautiful birds of prey in an idyllic setting in Shropshire. The birds include Owls, Falcons and Hawks with the opportunity to photograph the birds both static as well as in flight. Delegates will have special access to the birds in a secluded setting away from any public arena; ensuring photographs show the birds in a natural looking environment.

Our professional staff will be there to offer assistance and answer any of your questions on the animals themselves and photographic techniques required. We will help you set your camera up for each type of shot and offer lots of hints and tips to help improve your photography.

To book your experience please go the the Jessops website which can be found here