Hello there.

Yesterday saw our first Jessops Photography Academy Day for 2019 celebrating 5 years working together, delivering an amazing photography experience. Clients arrived from all around the country, as we are the only supplier for this experience in England and Wales. We try to provide a relaxed and friendly experience so clients were immediately offered a drink and then too their ease in our training room whilst waiting for the rest of the group to arrive. As usual, Steve was on hand to crack a few jokes and start the day with a smile.

The morning started with static shots, where clients learnt how to use aperture to control depth of field and create unique backgrounds. Pete Walker, Jessop’s Trainer, was on hand to provide expert tuition and advice to help clients make the most of their cameras. As our birds are natural posers, clients are able to get really close to them, so whatever your make and model of camera, or your experience level you’re sure to get some images of our birds in natural settings.


Baggins decided to get a little closer, just in case they weren’t getting his picture.

We managed to get out into the flying area in the afternoon and despite the windy conditions our birds flew really well. Then it was back inside to warm up and a round up of the day including the chance for a few selfies with our birds


Titchy, our Kestrel on duty.

Expert and professional tuition provided by Jessops Academy Trainers

There are always plenty of smiles and laughs.




How low can you go Sydney?

A little poser is Baggins…

Our big fierce Little Owl – not!!

So. Interested and want to come and take some great images yourself? Head over to the Jessops website, www.jessops.com and book your place. Experiences take place throughout the year at weekends and on selected days during the week. We, and the birds, look forward to meeting you soon.