Weddings & Ring Delivery

Wedding/Civil Ceremony/ Engagement Services

We have a range of packages to make your day perfect with the addition of a visit from our feathery friends.


Owl Ring Bearer

Bring a real touch of magic to your ceremony with one of our trained owls delivering your rings. At the right moment, a member of your wedding party will place on a glove and call one of our beautiful owls down the aisle carrying your rings, to the delight of your guests. Whether it’s the beautiful Barn Owl, or the magnificent Bengal Eagle Owl, our birds are sure to add the wow factor at your ceremony.

So how does it work?

For the best result, this service is usually a complete surprise, the wedding guests are unaware that the owl is going to make the delivery. On your wedding day we will arrive at the venue early to allow the owl to become accustomed to the venue and also so that we can meet and chat with the person that is receiving the rings. The owls have flown to thousands of people so they know what is needed from them.

During the ceremony the owl will wait patiently out of sight until the rings are needed. At that point they will fly silently towards the glove of the receiver of the rings. Once the rings are delivered, the owl will fly back to its handler allowing the ceremony to continue.

Ring Delivery only  £350

Bengal Eagle Owl Ring Delivery

Meet and Greet only £200 (approx 1 hour)

Why not have a selection of birds to meet your guests after the ceremony? Our professional falconers will circulate among your guests with a bird allowing them to handle and have their photographs taken. This allows you time to have your all important first photographs whilst your guests are entertained.

Ring Delivery and Meet & Greet £400


Flying Displays & Encounters

Let us entertain your wedding guests during the reception drinks and during your all-important first photographs. We can bring a team of our birds to your ceremony and add the wow factor to the occasion with either our flying displays or handling encounter.

Handling encounter. £500

Give your guest’s the chance to handle and fly some of our trained birds of prey under the expert eye of one of our Falconers. The birds will alight onto your guest’s gloved hand providing plenty of photo opportunities and smiles as they pose for the camera.

Flying display £700*

Our professional Falconers will bring a team of birds and provide a flying display for your guests to enjoy. Always action packed with lots of photo opportunities, the birds will get incredibly close to your guests as they swoop over their heads.

*Add Ring Delivery for the discounted price of £150


Proposals & Engagements

Want to ask that all important question but not sure how? Why not let our birds help you. There are a number of ways that this can be done so please give us a call on 07719 909967 to discuss your requirements.

Here’s what a client had to say about our help with his proposal…

I contacted Shropshire Falconry with regards to assisting me proposing to my girlfriend. I specified the venue (Peckforton Castle) and explained I would like to use an Owl to do so. Lisa was extremely helpful and couldn’t have catered for me enough from start to finish. She is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the birds and we planned the occasion of how it would happen. When the day arrived, everything ran on time and the stunning Owl arrived promptly, to deliver the ring. The Owl was extremely friendly and clearly well looked after. Thanks to everyone at Shropshire Falconry for making an experience happen that will never be forgotten. 

Hen Parties & Stag Events

We can provide bespoke experiences for something different for your party. At our Centre we have indoor as well as outdoor flying areas along with a comfortable training room and kitchen.


**Please note that there may be an additional charge for mileage for Ring Deliveries and events away from our Centre. Contact staff for more details.**




























for a Static and Handling

£600 for full Flying Display and Handling

Bespoke packages available on request.