Enjoy an Educational  School visit with our team of Owls, Hawks and Falcons in Shropshire / Mid Wales




Education is at the heart of what we do and we know that engaging children at an early age is vital to their understanding of the natural world.

With this in mind we have developed a range of specifically designed talks and displays that will engage a child’s natural curiosity.

Using a range of Birds of Prey and/or Owls, our talks cover both Key Stages on a variety of topics. All talks are designed to be fun, informative, interactive and engaging, no matter what the age group, with specifically designed lesson plans meeting the needs of your schools curriculum. Delivered by qualified and experienced trainers with over 30 years of experience, your children will be fascinated and amazed as our birds glide over their heads, bringing to life the topic being talked about.

The Owl talk includes not just owls, but also other birds of prey to show the children how owls evolved differently from their diurnal counterparts. So what is a Bird of Prey? This talk illustrates the differences between these and other birds. The classic book ‘Kes’ by Barry Hines is one that most of us have encountered. We have designed a talk specifically around this book bringing to life this classic tale and showing how falconry has developed.

For younger audiences we also cover a variety of topics which include ‘Owlets’, ‘Camouflage’, ‘Flight’, ‘Food Chains’ ‘History of Falconry’ and many more. Please ask if there is a specific topic that you would like to be covered and will do our best to accommodate you. Talks last approximately 1 hour and use resources such as owl pellets, feathers, skeletons, and skulls where appropriate.

The size of the group is up to you, but up to 60 children ensures a good experience for all. We will bring in to your school different species of owl which may include: Boobook, Barn, Long Eared and White Faced Owl. Our friendly Kestrel & Harris Hawk may also make an appearance. As well as Schools we are able to provide talks and visits for other institutions and organisations, these include, Brownie/Scout Groups, Women’s Institute, Nursing Homes and Social Clubs to name but a few. Interested? Then give one of our friendly and experienced staff a call today on…………


1 session of about an hour £130, 2x sessions £180, 3x sessions £240,

4x sessions up-to all day workshops £300

Above prices are local and may be subject to motoring costs further a field, we travel almost country wide so simply email for an exact price

Book up early to avoid dissapointment

Tikka The Indian Scops owl