Photography Day

I you have a love of wildlife and nature, we can offer you an experience that will get you incredibly close to some of natures stunning birds of prey, with a large collection of Owls, Hawks and Falcons you can get some amazing shots that would be impossible in the wild.

What to expect on the day

You will be accompanied on the day by Professional Wildlife Photographer Phil Gould. He will be there to advise and guide you on the best settings and angles for the shot. Make sure you bring plenty of memory as the average person will shoot approx 1000 shots on the day. The atmosphere is very friendly and the groups small (max 10 people). Steve & Lisa are on hand to provide entertainment and bird handling.

Do i get close to the birds?

The answer to that is most definitely yes. The birds used are all captive bred and used to flying in demonstrations and experiences. So expensive long lenses are not needed. All birds are set up in a natural environment to mimic a natural setting.